About ABC for Defence Startups

The Acclimatization Boot Camp for Defence Startups (ABCD) is an innovative program initiated by iTIC Incubator at IIT Hyderabad in collaboration with iDEX-DIO. Our mission is to bridge the gap between civilian startups and the defence sector by identifying promising technological innovations and realigning them for defence applications.

In Cohort 2, we are building on the success of our inaugural cohort, leveraging our experience and expertise to provide even greater support to startups looking to make a meaningful impact in the defence industry. The program is designed to help startups explore the potential of their existing technologies in addressing critical defence challenges.

Program Structure

Our 12-week program is divided into four modules, each offering unique benefits to participating startups

Documentation of Existing Technology/Project

Upon onboarding into the boot camp, startups will focus on documenting their existing technology or project. This documentation is then shared with our knowledge partners, which include institutions from the armed forces and experienced veterans.

Get feedback from knowledge partners

During this module, startups will receive valuable feedback from our knowledge partners. They will explore how civilian technologies can be applied to defence use cases. Knowledgeable mentors then guide startups through the acclimatization process. These mentorship opportunities foster a deep understanding of defence problem statements and the potential use cases for their technologies.

Defence requirement aligned Product Design

Once the problem statement is identified, startups will embark on adapting their products to align with defence applications. iTIC provides access to a state-of-the-art prototyping lab and other IITH labs for the fabrication of revised prototypes. This phase enables startups to refine and tailor their technologies for the defence market.

Proposal writing for Open Challenges

In the final module, with their prototypes ready, startups will receive support in crafting proposals for iDEX Open Challenges, DISC challenges, and various other grants and direct procurements. This critical step empowers startups to access funding opportunities and bring their defence-focused innovations to life.

Benefits to Startups

Participating in Cohort 2 of ABCD boot camp offers numerous advantages
Access to Defence Market

Startups gain a foothold in the defence sector, opening doors to new opportunities and partnerships

Proposal Writing Support

Our program assists startups in preparing persuasive proposals for grants and direct procurement, increasing their chances of securing funding.

Feedback from Defence Ecosystem

Engage with knowledgeable mentors and institutions from the defence ecosystem.

Access to iTIC and IITH Infrastructure

Utilize the cutting-edge infrastructure at iTIC and IIT Hyderabad to develop and prototype your defence-focused innovations.

Eligibility Criteria

A startup with a working prototype (MVP preferred)

An Indian entity with majority stakeholder of Indian citizen/s

Team with technical expertise

Program Timeline


Program launch and Outreach


Deadline to Apply


Announcement of results and Boot Camp Kick off

01-01-2024 to 15-01-2024

Documentation of existing technology/project

25-01-2024 to 10-02-2024

Meetings with knowledge partners and their feedback (problem statement & updates needed)

10-02-2024 to 10-03-2024

Product Design and prototyping

10-03-2024 to 31-03-2024

Proposal Writing


Demo Day and showcase

Building on the success of Cohort 1

Cohort 2 builds upon the accomplishments and insights gained from Cohort 1. Our program aims to foster innovation, collaboration, and problem-solving to ensure that promising technologies reach the defence market, benefiting both startups and the Indian armed forces.

In the inaugural Cohort, we were privileged to welcome seven dynamic startups hailing from diverse domains such as drones, construction, energy systems, and more. Throughout their journey in Cohort 1, these startups were nurtured and guided with personalized one-on-one mentoring. Our expert mentors offered invaluable insights across various crucial domains, including product refinement, customer feedback integration, effective pricing strategies, and market size assessment.

As Cohort 1 reached its culmination, the participating startups had the extraordinary opportunity to shine. They were given a platform to showcase their innovations and pitch their transformative ideas directly in front of an esteemed audience of over 150 armed forces officers. This unique exposure not only provided startups with a chance to demonstrate their potential but also fostered valuable connections and collaborations within the defense ecosystem.

Cohort 1 set the stage for remarkable growth and achievement, and we are excited to build upon this foundation in Cohort 2. Together, we aim to empower startups with the knowledge, guidance, and networking opportunities necessary to thrive in the ever-evolving defense technology landscape. Join us and be part of the journey towards innovation and excellence in defense applications.