Est. May 2018


Genomics Pvt. Ltd.
4baseCare is an onco-tech company building a unified and patient-centric ecosystem to study the evidence generated from real-world settings to get a better understanding of cancer treatments, accelerating cancer research, and improving clinical outcomes.

Founding Members

Hitesh Goswami
Masters in Neurobiology (Mumbai University)
15 years +
Kshitij Rishi
MBA (XLRI), B-tech Biotechnology (Punjab University)
15 years

Team Members

  • 2 founders
  • 6 R&D
  • 7 CIR/Reporting
  • 5 Care Team
  • 2 Operations
  • 5 Digital
  • 17 Sales & BDM
  • 1 Marketing

Target Market

  • Oncologists and Cancer Patients towards treatment personalization


  • Health-Tech

Problem Statement

There is a lack of affordable digital solutions and advanced technologies like genomics for use of cancer patients and oncologists in India.

Value Proposition

Our tests are the most affordable comprehensive Genomic tests in India. Additionally, in absence of standardized EMRs, our App works as a patient-centric EMR in Oncology.

Current Stage

  • Early traction

Type of Business

  • Service-based

Products / Services

Genomic tests for Cancer Patients' treatment guidance, A mobile-based patient-centric EMR.

Key Highlights

  • 1st company from the Asia Pacific to be selected for Illumina Accelerator Program
  • Winner of Karnataka Elevate 2019
  • Strong partnerships with leading diagnostics companies like Oncquest, LalPath, and Unipath

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