Est. May 2014


International Pvt. Ltd.
AI-Genix works towards sustainable farming, pesticide-free crop, and plant protection against insects.

Founding Members

Shahnaz Shaikh
MSc in Microbiology
10 years
Khalil Shaikh
BE Computer Engineering
25 years

Team Members

  • 2 Co-Founders
  • 2 Technicians
  • 1 Accountant

Target Market

  • Corporate Farming Companies
  • Individual Cash Crop Growers
  • Government
  • Agriculture Research Institutes
  • Municipal Corporations


  • Agri-Tech

Problem Statement

Farmers and scientists across the world are struggling to protect the crops from insect pests.

Value Proposition

Saves 95% of the cost incurred on crop protection l 30% to 40% increase in yield l Safeguards the beneficial insects and nurtures their population in farm.

Current Stage

  • Early traction

Type of Business

  • Product-based

Products / Services

BraveHawk™: Artificially Intelligent Pest Management Device, seBionic™: Bioelectronic Pest Management Technology.

Key Highlights

  • IP filed in the year 2020
  • Best Indian Social Enterprise Award
  • Best Woman Entrepreneur Award

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