Est. 10 May 2021


Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Aviac Technologies is working towards building a carbon-neutral infrastructure and prioritizing sustainable practices by simplifying Spectrometry for Ecological monitoring.

Founding Members

Sachin Gattu
Masters in Business Management.
Shashank Perala
Masters in Petroleum Engineering
Harsha Reddy Gaddam
BA in History, Economics and Psychology

Team Members

  • 3 Co-founders
  • Under hiring (1 developer,1 IT Manager,1 Employee,1 intern)

Target Market

  • Large scale farmers
  • Warehouse owners
  • Construction Companies


  • Horizontal : ICT
  • Vertical: UAV
  • AI/ML

Problem Statement

Agriculture is massively complex and uncertain. Climatic Conditions, Inadequate techniques, and Ineffective operations are pulling down the value chain to a fragile state. The following consequences will deplete the environment and affect Crop profitability.

Value Proposition

Aviac's cost-effective Hyperspectral Image sensing and Customer-oriented digital platform are the standouts | Resilient web infrastructure.

Current Stage

  • Prototype

Type of Business

  • Product-based
  • Service-based

Products / Services

A pair of boots on the ground with the IoTs and Crop surveillance with Spectrometric sensing enables us to collaborate with growers and retailers to identify and solve problems across the value chain.

Key Highlights

  • Received grant from TiHAN

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