Est. 09 May 2016


Autonomous Logistics Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
ALOG® is transforming logistics, retail, and manufacturing with intelligent systems that sense, think and act autonomously.

Founding Members

Raghuram Nanduri
Founder & CEO
20+ years in IT industry

Team Members

  • 1 Founder
  • 1 R&D Engineer
  • 2 Engineering interns
  • 1 Marketing intern

Target Market

  • Oil & Gas companies
  • Manual assembly lines
  • distribution centers


  • Horizontal: Video Analytics
  • Vertical: AI/ML
  • Robotics

Problem Statement

A lot is going on in warehouses, stores, and factory floors that cannot be easily captured by enterprise systems.

Value Proposition

ALOG's AIIM generates invaluable intelligence and insights from operations which can help companies innovate and get ahead of the competition.

Current Stage

  • Early traction

Type of Business

  • Product-based

Products / Services

ALOG's AI-driven video analytics system AIIM automates visual inspection tasks.

Key Highlights

  • Won a proof of concept project from Bharat Gas (BPCL) for real-time inspection and counting of LPG cylinders at their bottling plant
  • Awarded two patents related to robotics and one more is pending.

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