Est. 12 Sept 2018


CBAI Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
CrystalBall is a UAV manufacturing company working on solving real-life problems in the fields of Survey, Surveillance, Agriculture, and Healthcare. They blend the solutions with UAV and AI to provide the maximum value to the customer.

Founding Members

E Sandeep Reddy
14 years
Sairaj B
Co-Founder,Product Lead
3 years
Vidyasagar B
Co-Founder,Product Lead
3 years

Team Members

  • 1- CEO
  • 2 Products lead & Operations in charge
  • Mechanical Engineers
  • 1 Chief Pilot
  • 2 design interns

Target Market

  • Governments
  • hospitals


  • Horizontal: UAV
  • Vertical: Drone Tech

Problem Statement

In the case of a medical urgency, use a long-range drone to deliver some life-saving supplies like COVID vaccines, emergency medicines, or medical equipment.

Value Proposition

One message/call away from the person in need | Value is in saving time and thereby saving a life by providing immediate necessity.

Current Stage

  • Prototype

Type of Business

  • Product and Service

Products / Services

On-demand ‘Drone as a first responder’ to carry life-saving equipment / vaccines / medicines or blood and save lives.

Key Highlights

  • DGCA approved drone manufacturing company in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh
  • Approved by AAI (Airport Authorities India), DGCA (Director General of Civil Aviation), MCA (Ministry of Civil Aviation), and MHA (Ministry of Home Affairs) to perform BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line of Sight) experiments, among others

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