Est. January 2018

EF Polymer

Pvt. Ltd.
EF Polymers has designed a natural Water-Retention Polymer by using biodegradable waste that comes from juice industries.

Founding Members

Buddhi Prakash Gurjar
Sales Manager
IT Engineer
5 years
Narayan Lal Gurjar
Agricultural Engineer
5 years
Puran Singh Rajput
5 years

Team Members

  • 3 Co-Founders
  • 2 Team members

Target Market


  • Agri-Tech

Problem Statement

Water shortage due to low rainfall and depleting reserves is leading to under-utilization of land, crop ruin and low production on farms because of lack of water for irrigation purposes.

Value Proposition

Pure natural, biodegradable, pollution-free, eco-friendly Water retention polymer.

Current Stage

  • Early traction

Type of Business

  • Product-based

Products / Services

Eco-friendly Water Retention Natural Polymer is working on properties of SAP which can absorb water 150 times of their weight and have a high capacity to store water for a long time.

Key Highlights

  • Award by President of India through GYTI
  • Award by Royal Academy of Engineering London
  • Award by Startup India.

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