Est. March 19, 2021

EaffoCare Innovation

Pvt. Ltd.
EaffoCare is bringing innovative biomaterials and devices as an effective and affordable healthcare solution to society for treatment of various diseases and conditions. Major objective of EaffoCare Innovation is that the health care product/solution should be accessible and affordable to the common population having little access to healthcare.

Founding Members

Dr Jyotsnendu Giri
Associate Prof. IIT Hyderabad
14 year Research USA and India
Dr Baishakhi Chandra
Chest Physician, Medical Officer IIT Hyderabad
10 year Consultant

Team Members

  • 2 Co-founders
  • 2 Research Members

Target Market

  • Patients with periodontal issues


  • Horizontal: Healthcare
  • Vertical: Med-Tech

Problem Statement

There is an unmet clinical need to develop new treatment modality simultaneously considering killing local bacteria, and suitable host-modulation to enhance therapeutic outcome by reducing the tissue damage and regenerate the damaged periodontal tissues. EaffoCare is now developing novel triple-functionality FIT-Gel as a triple-in-one solution for effective and affordable therapy for periodontitis.

Value Proposition

The current treatment for periodontitis uses systemic or local drug delivery with conventional scaling and root planning may be successful to control infection but not capable of protecting the treated periodontal tissue from recurrence periodontitis. These products do not promote host-modulation to reduce destruction of periodontal tissue and regeneration of tissue from the further periodontitis.

Current Stage

  • Prototype

Type of Business

  • Product-Based

Products / Services

FiT-Gel-Pro for moderate periodontitis | FiT-Gel-Adv for advanced periodontitis.

Key Highlights

  • One patent filed
  • BIRAC BIG grant of 50 Lakhs

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