Est. 1 January 2020

Illenium AI

ILLENIUM AI strives to create products and illuminate lives and lifestyles with a positive impact. Their major focus is to create affordable and quality tech solutions in the areas of Healthcare and Retailtech.

Founding Members

Pranav Kompally
ML/Electronics Developer
2 yrs of Startup Work Experience

Team Members

  • 1 ML and Electronic Engineer
  • 1 IoT and electronics
  • 1 Embedded Hardware Engineer

Target Market

  • Athletes
  • Fitness Freaks
  • Sport team and franchises
  • Physical therapy centers/Clinics
  • Army and Police Force


  • Horizontal: Artificial Intelligence
  • Vertical: Healthtech

Problem Statement

Over 10 million Indians actively follow a fitness routine. There is no metric or service that measures the weak and strong spots of muscle for the user to improve on.

Value Proposition

Monitors over 7 vitals to understand overall body development | AI and Deep Learning backed Real-Time | Visualizing the Physical and Mental health of the user | Industry grade Embedded Medical Technology.

Current Stage

  • Proof of Concept

Type of Business

  • Product-based

Products / Services

Wearable body vital monitoring suit: Vinci X.

Key Highlights

  • Awarded a place in Top 50 innovations in the country in I-innovate hackathon conducted by Telangana Government

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