Est. June 12, 2019


Health Tech LLP
The company aims at developing affordable diagnostic and therapeutic solutions for cancer by enabling self-sampling and/or screening for rapid and early detection of disease.

Founding Members

Tejaswini Appidi
Chief Executive Officer
PhD M. Tech, B. Tech
Dr Aravind Kumar Rengan
Chief Financial Officer
M.B.B.S, PhD, M. Tech, MRSC
Prof. Rohit Srivastava
Chief Financial Officer

Team Members

  • 3 Co-founders
  • 3 Interns
  • 2 employees

Target Market

  • Rural health centers
  • Mass screening camps
  • Women


  • Horizontal: Healthcare
  • Vertical: 3D printing

Problem Statement

Cervical cancer can only be diagnosed by frequent screening and the current diagnostic approaches require multiple medical appointments, causes discomfort and pain, involves a physical examination, and are not economical

Value Proposition

In5n8 Health Tech offers the development of self-sampling devices with a provision for preliminary colorimetric screening for women facilitating rapid screening allowing early detection of cervical cancer.

Current Stage

  • Prototype

Type of Business

  • Product-based

Products / Services

Self-sampling device in combination with a colorimetric technique for detection of cervical cancer.

Key Highlights

  • Filed a patent
  • Published 2 papers
  • Received BIG grant and GYTI grant.


  • GYTI award (2017)
  • Innovation Scholars In-residence participation (2018)
  • 14th IEEE NMDC Poster award (2019)

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