Est. February 2016

Inner Hour

InnerHour is a tech-enabled Mental Health Platform that supports people with their psychological needs. The firm is run by a team of mental health, technology, and wellness professionals, passionate about changing the lives of millions of people who will benefit from psychological support in all aspects of their lives.

Founding Members

Dr. Amit Malik
Founder & CEO, InnerHour
20 years
Neha Kirpal
Co-founder, InnerHour
BA Political Science, Masters in Marketing
20 years

Team Members

  • 2 Co-Founders
  • 5 Developers
  • 5 Clinicians
  • 3 Designers
  • 6+ other employees

Target Market

  • Individuals
  • Corporations
  • Universities


  • Health-Tech

Problem Statement

197M people in India suffer from a mental health issue. 95% of them don’t receive any treatment or care due to poor awareness, social & self-stigma, acute shortage of mental health professionals, high cost, and variable quality of available services.

Value Proposition

InnerHour provides a series of free assessments, a range of CBT-based self-help tools, delivered as personalized programs, support communities, and a step-care approach. It uses algorithms and data/intelligence with the guidance of trained therapists

Current Stage

  • Growth

Type of Business

  • Platform-based

Products / Services

Curative Mental Health Platform.

Key Highlights

  • Reached to 700,000+ people since inception with self-care product
  • Hosts 400+ therapy sessions per month
  • Winner of the Columbia University Urban Works Innovation Challenge

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