Est. May 2020


HealthcareTechnologies Pvt. Ltd.
Konexaa is a Medtech solution provider. Our team of doctors and biomedical engineers directly work on the problems faced by the consumer and address this with existing technology solutions. If the solution is unavailable or unsuitable, we develop them in-house with the help of our R&D team.

Founding Members

Pranab Prakash
Co-founder & CEO
5 years
Dr Kalyan Kumar Gokuldas
35 years

Team Members

  • 2 Co-founders
  • 1 Data scientist
  • 3 Biomedical engineers
  • 1 Business Manager

Target Market

  • Hospitals
  • Government
  • Healthcare Providers
  • Clinics
  • Patients
  • NGOs


  • Health-Tech

Problem Statement

We are addressing the voids in healthcare such as infrastructure, availability, accessibility, transparent cost, and lack of holistic approach towards medical and technology. We aim to address these issues with innovative Medtech technology emerging out of India.

Value Proposition

Doctor-driven, Research-oriented, data-driven, to initiate the need-gap analysis and AI-based fulfilment platform.

Current Stage

  • Early Traction

Type of Business

  • Platform-based

Products / Services

Medtech Solution Provider.

Key Highlights

  • Portfolio of 50 product offerings
  • Provided product solutions to Government COVID-19 Centers
  • Granted medical commercial license in Indonesia by the Ministry of Health among others

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