Est. April 15, 2021

Manali Swing

Adventures Pvt. Ltd.
ManaliSwing Offers the World’s most creative & Safe High-Altitude Giant Swing allowing one to experience the adrenaline of 70m free fall with 100+ jump styles backed by artificial intelligence promising impeccable safety like never before in history.

Founding Members

Utsav Soni
Founder and CEO
B.E Mechanical
4 years
Siddharth Prasad
Co-Founder & AI Incharge
B.E Computer
5 Years
Akash Vishwakarma
Co- Founder & Operation Lead
Diploma in Elementary Education
4 Years

Team Members

  • 1 - designer
  • 1 - CEO, Salesman
  • 1 - Operation & Finance Head
  • 1 - AI Incharge, Website SEO

Target Market

  • GenZ Travelers


  • Horizontal: Adventure Tourism
  • Vertical: AI

Problem Statement

There is a lack of safe, creative & unique adventure options in India. India needs to be innovative especially when there is a 178% increase in demand for an adventure activity in the last 3 years.

Value Proposition

AI can track participants and jump masters performance across millions of data points and deliver optimized approvals for jumping.

Current Stage

  • Prototype

Type of Business

  • Service-based

Products / Services

World’s most creative & Safe High Altitude Giant Swing with safety backed by artificial intelligence.

Key Highlights

  • Incubated by IIT Mandi and recipient of Nidhi Prayash Grant
  • Supported by KARAM being one of the world leaders in industrial safety
  • Supported by Dillion USA as International Precision partners

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