Est. October 27, 2020


Health Pvt. Ltd.
Medoja Health Pvt Ltd, a biomedical company focuses on research, manufacturing and distribution of Class-1 Class-2 Class-3 medical devices. The company aims to use and employ emerging software technology in Artificial Intelligence (AI), 3D printing, biomaterial development, processing for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine applications to build affordable innovative high-tech world-class products in Healthcare.

Founding Members

Dr Uday Kiran Roopavath
PhD Biomedical
Dr. Subha Narayan Rath
HOD and Associate Professor
Dr. Vidya Sagar Sisinty
Master of periodontal Surgery, MBA, BDS

Team Members

  • 3 Co-founders
  • 1 Technopreneur
  • 2 Interns

Target Market

  • Dental clinicians
  • Dental hospitals
  • Orthopedic hospitals
  • Surgeons


  • Horizontal: Healthcare
  • Vertical: 3D printing, Biomedical

Problem Statement

High prevalence of Periodontal disease in the Indian population (50-60%) suffering from dental diseases with very few Indian companies in the market. The aim is to provide cost-effective and easily available bone grafts.

Value Proposition

Low cost and time of production | Less chance of failure due to angiogenesis | Custom made gold standard graft | Easily accessible

Current Stage

  • Prototype

Type of Business

  • Product-based

Products / Services

Granules as bone fillers for filling minor periodontal bone loss | 3D printed custom patient-specific scaffolds for major periodontal bone defects

Key Highlights

  • Biotechnology Ignition grant from BIRAC, India
  • Started phase 1 clinical trials for the granules and 3D printed custom grafts for periodontal diseases
  • Collaboration partners include international academic laboratories 3D printing laboratory from Division of surgery and interventional science, University College London, United Kingdom.

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