Est. November 18

Medworld Solutions

Pvt. Ltd.
We provide a SaaS product to handle the complete insurance department of a hospital, also provide service to manage that, and provide an ecosystem to bring hospital, patient, and insurance providers on a single platform.

Founding Members

Vikram Chunarkar
Ajit Chunarkar
M. Com
6 years of Experience in Business
Madhuri Chunarkar
MA (Geography)
3 Years of Experience in Business

Team Members

  • 3 Co-founders
  • 5 Developers
  • 15 Other employees

Target Market

  • Patient
  • Hospitals
  • Insurance Providers


  • Health-Tech

Problem Statement

No direct integrated network exists between Hospitals, Insurance Providers & Patients.

Value Proposition

Focus on hospital pain points and try to solve them while providing insurance services

Current Stage

  • Early Traction

Type of Business

  • Platform-based

Products / Services

Hospital Cashless & Empanelment Management System

Key Highlights

  • HEMS launched on 1st June 2020, 450 Hospital onboarded
  • Got selected for AIC NMIMS - NITI AAYOG Incubation Center
  • Experience of 1 Million cashless cases | Experience of 1.2 lacs of empanelment

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