Est. November 19, 2020

Navier Machines

Navier Machines is a business dedicated to developing Reliable AI technologies. Provides advanced AI-based solutions developed using their interdisciplinary research background and data science expertise.

Founding Members

Sreetej Lakkam
Rajanish Chava
Data Scientist
Dual Masters

Team Members

  • 2 Co-founders

Target Market

  • Urban planners
  • Land use and construction site monitoring by government agencies.


  • Horizontal: Data Analytics
  • Vertical: AI/ML, Robotics

Problem Statement

Global Geospatial Imagery Analytics market size is going to triple in the next 5 years. Sectors such as infrastructure, defense, and energy which constitute 80% of satellite imagery data usage are plagued with this problem.

Value Proposition

Lightweight automated AI-based solution with onboard computation and quick deployment capabilities.An object detection module that can perform efficient object detection and localization.

Current Stage

  • Proof Of Concept

Type of Business

  • Product-based

Products / Services

A light-weight real-time AI Intelligence system that can perform efficient object detection and localization.

Key Highlights

  • Team with in-depth research and data science experience
  • DIPP registered under Startup India

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