Est. April 2017

Tag Hive

TagHive Inc. is a Samsung-funded Ed-Tech company headquartered in South Korea. The company mainly offers clicker-based classroom response systems("Class Saathi" in India, "Class Key'' in other countries) and AI-powered self-assessment solutions.

Founding Members

Pankaj Agarwal

Team Members

  • 1 Founder
  • 4 Developers
  • 1 Operation
  • 6+ others

Target Market

  • Primary Schools
  • Government


  • Ed-Tech

Problem Statement

Unpredictable and mismanaged drop-out rate of students.

Value Proposition

World's 1st Mobile Based Clicker Solution that works even in offline mode.

Current Stage

  • Growth

Type of Business

  • Product-based

Products / Services

Class Sathi/Class Key: Clicker based Classroom Response System | AI-powered Self-Assessment System.

Key Highlights

  • Launched in MP
  • 21 IPs Filed / 13 IPs Granted
  • Best Education Start-Up of 2019

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