Est. November 2017

Trestle Labs

Pvt. Ltd.
Trestle Labs is an Assistive Technology company empowering visually-impaired people by enabling Real-Time Audio Access to any Printed, Handwritten & Digital content, across multiple Indian and foreign languages and thus, moving towards inclusive Education and Employment.

Founding Members

Akshita Sachdeva
B.Tech (CSE)
5 years
Bonny Dave
B.Tech (ME)
5 years

Team Members

  • 3 Co-founders
  • 2 Developers
  • 1 Tester
  • 1 Marketing Intern
  • 1 iOS Development Intern

Target Market

  • Inclusive Schools & Universities
  • Blind Schools
  • NGOs
  • Companies employing persons with Vision-impairment
  • Government
  • Vision-impairment individuals


  • Ed-Tech

Problem Statement

Millions of Visually-impaired people globally and in India lack equal Education and Employment opportunities as they cannot access Printed, Handwritten and Digital content on their own. They are heavily dependent on Braille and Audio-books. 80% of the employable Visually-impaired are unemployed.

Value Proposition

Our product and service suite, Kibo helps to listen, translate and digitize any Printed, Handwritten, and Digital content across multiple Indian and foreign languages, all for visually impaired people.

Current Stage

  • Early Traction

Type of Business

  • Platform & Product-based

Products / Services

Kibo mobile application| Kibo XS device| Kibo Desk Portal

Key Highlights

  • 1 Patent-published (awaiting final approval)
  • 8 Grants
  • 17+ Awards

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