Est. October 2017


Environmental Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Urdhvam is a groundwater sustainability company, trying to revive failed and low yielding borewells using innovative and patented Smart Rain Water Harvesting Technology with the name of "BoreCharger".

Founding Members

Rahul Bakare
IIM Calcutta, MS in mechanical engineering
30 years
Vinit Phadnis
MSc (Germany)
22 years

Team Members

  • 2 Co-founders
  • 5 Sales & Marketing
  • 4 Hydrogeologists
  • 6 Ops Support Staff

Target Market

  • Individuals (farmers, house owners)
  • Institutions (Schools, Colleges, NGOs, CSRs)
  • Businesses (Hotels, Industries)
  • Local/State Government
  • Other bodies who own borewells and are facing water scarcity issues


  • Agri-Tech

Problem Statement

Groundwater depletion is a root cause of many modern issues Borewells are drilled which tap deeper aquifer systems where natural percolation of rainwater can’t reach, resulting in Borewells going dry and failing eventually.

Value Proposition

Affordable, low-maintenance, no construction needed| Applies to any borewell and no surface water required| Upto 20X Increase in Recharge from Natural Recharge| Longevity increased by 1-6 months| Induces artificial induction of 2-80 Lac Litres of rainwater.

Current Stage

  • Early traction

Type of Business

  • Product-based

Products / Services

BoreCharger Technology to increase recharge of borewells and hence water production capacity.

Key Highlights

  • 780 implementations in past 18 months in 7 States of India and Benin, West Africa
  • Applied for a patent for BoreCharger Tool and Process
  • Recognition & grants from Hindustan Unilever Foundation and Villgro Awards

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