Est. May 2017


Flic Farm Pvt. Ltd.
Machines are developing robots & AI for high-growth potential markets to have a positive social impact. Current product lines include Robots for Precision Agriculture & Robots for material handling operations in hazardous industries.

Founding Members

Trivikram Kumar D
Founder and CEO
7 years

Team Members

  • 1 Founder
  • 3 Team Members

Target Market

  • Farmers across India growing dry crops (Cotton, Vegetables, Flowers, Tobacco, etc.)


  • Agri-Tech

Problem Statement

Adverse effect on Produce Quality and Profitability of Indian Farmers: It is hard to find cheap, effective farm labor “on time”.

Value Proposition

Let's farmers finish their farm operations on time every time | Cuts-down costs by up to 72% and thus, increases the yield quality and chances of profitability | Mechanizes farm operations even beyond certain crop height, unlike traditional tractors.

Current Stage

  • Prototype

Type of Business

  • Product-based

Products / Services

AI-driven Robots for farm operations that can be rented on demand via Mobile App.

Key Highlights

  • Established partnership with IIIT-H, ISB-H, ICRISAT
  • Grants from BIRAC, DST

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