Est. November 2018


Logitech Pvt. Ltd.
ZedBlox ActiPod is a comprehensive solution for last mile cold chain of healthcare products.

Founding Members

Rao Korupolu
MBA from ISB, MS from CS
25+ yrs experience in building commercial software products
Viraaj Somayajula
BTech ECE from IIT Roorkee
3 years experience in Nvidia in embedded systems

Team Members

  • 2 Co-founders
  • 5 engineers
  • 2 managers
  • 1 other

Target Market

  • Diagnostic labs
  • Pharma distributors
  • Government


  • Health-Tech

Problem Statement

Current passive carriers are not great at maintaining the right temperature causing billions of dollars of wastage and impacting people's health worldwide.

Value Proposition

ActiPod is a patent-pending solution that accurately maintains the right temperature in all climates. It has AI and intelligence built in to provide live tracking data and alerts in case something goes wrong.

Current Stage

  • Prototype

Type of Business

  • Product-based

Products / Services

A last-mile cold chain solution, for various healthcare and medical needs that are designed using innovative temperature control mechanisms, smart electronics, and intelligent software.

Key Highlights

  • Manufacturing 1st batch: Oct 2020, Patent filed Jul 2019
  • Selected for JioGenNext Accelerator

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