Est. October 2019


Inclusive Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (I-STEM) Foundation
I-Stem empowers students and professionals with disabilities through a SaaS platform with a special focus on STEM Education.

Founding Members

Kartik Sawhney
PG Degree
3 years
Akashdeep Bansal
Shakul Raj Sonker
PG diploma
2 years
Sunil Choudhary
B. Tech
3 years

Team Members

  • 4 Co-Founders
  • 2 Software Engineers
  • 2 Al Scientists
  • 1 UX/UI Designer

Target Market

  • Educational institutes
  • Businesses
  • People with disabilities


  • Ed-Tech

Problem Statement

The very few existing disability offices that exist in India and abroad are understaffed and the traditional methods of providing services to people with disabilities are often expensive.

Value Proposition

Helps organizations set up Virtual Disability Management Processes and automate services for their students and employees with disabilities at extremely cost-effective rates.

Current Stage

  • Early Traction

Type of Business

  • Platform-based

Products / Services

SaaS platform to help educational institutes and businesses support their students and employees with disabilities by automating administrative processes and conversion of printed and handwritten text into accessible formats for the blind and high-quality real-time custom captioning for the deaf and hard of hearing.

Key Highlights

  • Active community of nearly 200 students with disabilities
  • 7 academic partners and 11 corporate partners
  • First platform to accurately identify and convert inaccessible STEM documents
  • Support for custom real-time captioning
  • Microsoft's AI for an Accessibility grant

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