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iTIC has various programs that support startups at different junctures. The programs are categorized into four parts depending on the stage of the startup.


For idea-stage entrepreneurs, iTIC has a structured pre-incubation program of 12 months which aims to support entrepreneurs convert their ideas into working prototypes.

Program under Pre-incubation

NICE Fellowship, TiHAN PRAYAS/EiR, NIDHi PRAYAS, MeitY EiR and Grant, BEL seed fund


For the startups that have a prototype, we have a structured incubation program of 24 months which aims to support startups, convert their prototypes into sellable products and gain traction.

Program under Incubation

iTIC Incubation, NICE Incubation, TiHAN Incubation

Advanced Incubation

For the startups that have completed their incubation journey and are product-ready, iTIC has a 12-month advanced incubation program that aims to support startups that want to achieve Product-Market fit.

Program under Advanced Incubation

iTIC Advanced Incubation


When a startup has early traction in the market and wants to grow exponentially, iTIC supports startups via cohort-based 4-6 months accelerator programs.

Program under Acceleration


*Application closed at the moment

*AISEA and BEL Seed Fund are legacy programs. Applications are closed for these programs currently.

Depending on your stage you may apply for the support at iTIC. For any queries while applying or filling the application form, please reach out to us on or on +91 040 23016169